Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Food In San Diego

I don't know that if it is something to do with my culture or not, but I had really big problems about the food in here. First two weeks in San Diego, I was hungry all the time. I couldn't find a place to eat something. Everytime I tried something new, I promised my self that I won't eat something new. So, I started to eat in only McDonalds and Burger King which are always the same in every country. However, last week I went to Hard Rock Cafe which is in downtown and had a dinner there. It was really good and it was definitely the best food that I have eaten in San Diego. I had a New York Steak and it was totally delicious. The place is quite expensive, but once in a while it worths, especially if you are hungered for a good meal. Another good place is Osteria Panevino. It is an Italian restaurant in downtown and they have good meals and a good service. They both worth to try...

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Sea World

Last sunday i went to Seaworld. Actually i wasn't expecting too much too see, but it was a great experience. First the fee might sound a little expensive, but it worths. The fee for one day trip is $61. In Seaworld, there are too many things to see. First of all, there are many show and you have to schedule your day very well. I tried to attend to all shows, but i missed some of them. The most amazing show i watched was the killer whale show. They had 2 different shows. One of them was in day time and the other one was at night which the shamus make rock! It was a great experience to see these animals doing things that are pretty imposible to do. I prefer Seaworld to everyone who is visiting San Diego...

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Trip to Carlsbad Outlet Center

Last weekend I went to Carlsbad Premium Outlet Center. It is really hard to go to mall without a car, but fortunately we had a car and it just took 20 min. to drive there from La Jolla. But the problem was that nobody on the street knew where the mall was. We asked to 4-5 people who are living in that area, but most of them looked us with empty eyes and told that there is no mall around there and the mall was on the corner. It was really strange to see people who don't know the area that they live in.
The outlet center is really small. Some of the brands at the mall are GAP, Guess, Nine West, Polo Ralph Lauren, Bebe, etc. It took 2-3 hour to finish all of the mall which is a pretty short time for me. The best thing about the center is that the stores has much more things than they have in other outlet centers. For example, in Carlsbad Outlet center I have found a dress which I loved in BCBG Max Azria store in Las Americas Outlet center, but couldn't find the size. I recommend the Carlsbad Outlet center to all BCBG Max Azria's fans, because they have really good staff which is very cheap according to their original prices.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Night Life in San Diego

The most important thing to know about the night life in San Diego is that clubs are closed at 1:30 a.m. It is very early for most of the visitors from other countries. I was very surprised when I heard this, because I was expecting a better night life than the one in Turkey. Another important thing is the age limit to enter the club. It is 21 and it is controlled very strickly. If you don't have a California ID, you have to bring your passport with you and be sure that they will check your passport very carefully. Also, there is a cover fee in most clubs where you have to pay a specific amount of money to enter to the club. It is mostly between $5-$20 and it doesn't include drink.

Monday, September 29, 2008

New Places in San Diego

As I had more time to discover San Diego, I found better places to go for both shopping and hanging out. Fashion Valley is my favorite right now. With its design and many options of different stores, it is one of the best places to spend time. Even though most of the stores are expensive, you can find cheap and trendy things if you look closer :) The only problem in Fashion Valley is the restrooms' place. They have restrooms only in 2nd floor and you have to walk long way to reach there. It takes time, but in other ways it is very enjoyable to be in Fashion Valley.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

To San Diego

On September 6th I arrived to San Diego to join the certificate program of UCSD which is on marketing. Before the first day of the school, I had a chance to visit some of the places in San Diego. I am living in Clairmont, so first I decided to discover this area. There is a small mall in Clairmont which is called Clairmont Town Square. It has some stores, but it is not a good choise for cloth shopping, but you can go to a movie or drink your coffee at Starbucks. So, it is a good option for the people living in Clairmont and don't have car or time to go other areas. But I have to say that as I see more places I realize that there are much more beautiful malls in San Diego to go.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Why Travel Guide?

I am from Turkey and I used to live in Ankara since I was born; but now I decided to travel around the world. I started with USA, California. While I am doing my journey, I wanted to point out the most beautiful places that should be seen. That's why I am writing a blog about this topic :)